In shaping mountain resort living within the country, Tagaytay Highlands another time sets the bar through its newest ton development – Vireya, the sole tropical resort community among a mountain resort development.

A tropical abode amidst the conveniences of a side setting could also be too smart to be true, however this dream atmosphere proves to be simply within reach.

Located at the highest point of The Midlands, Vireya offers scenic vistas of Taal Lake and therefore the lush mountain ridges of the city. The palm trees, tropical landscaping and amenities evoke Bali’s tranquil atmosphere, creating Vireya a perfect haven to relax and recharge.

Adhering to its tropical resort ambiance, homes to be inbuilt Vireya are designed on clean minimalist lines and neutral tones. image lovely homes that allow the outside in: comfortable lanais, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and patios that look intent on a well-landscaped garden. of these are complemented by wood and stone treatments, tile roofing, and up to date floor finishing.

Lots vary from 250 to 562 sqm, with over 60 % of the entirele|the full|the overall} subdivision space dedicated to themed parks and open areas that build it the proper alternative for growing families who loves defrayal quality time around nature.

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Many people is also asking this. when one has purchased a condominium, what will happen to it when 50 years once it's served its purpose and also the area where it stands becomes, well, not such a lot of a true estate hotspot because it is now? after all, buildings and structures are exposed to the weather and they are especially vulnerable - especially once not maintained well to injury and wear and tear.
The condominium's location, a primary predictor of its worth, is additionally a very important factor to its lifespan. What could also be a real estate hotspot now may be a locality of urban decay in 50 years' time. (Though there are exceptions to the current, including Melbourne's Docklands and London's Canary Wharf.) And this is often especially true within the Philippines wherever a neighborhood may chop-chop suffer urban decay downtown Manila's central downtown of Escolta - a active area up till the 1960s - is now a long-forgotten street of bedraggled buildings. Even the Makati central business district, simply somewhat over 40 years previous, is already showing signs of aging.
It's not stunning then that many would-be Filipino homebuyers are hesitant to get condominiums. Among their usual considerations embrace the extent of one's possession into a specific condominium project, who owns the land wherever the building sits, and who decides if and once the building has got to be demolished.
Here we'll address these considerations, which can eventually lead us to the problem of a condominium's lifetime.
1. Condominiums are basically corporations
Although the Condominium Act of 1966 doesn't specifically stipulate this, it's become necessary nowadays as several developers are targeting foreign consumers. Foreigners as we tend to currently are not allowed to have land within the Philippines, however they will put a corporation that owns one, see you later as foreign possession in an exceedingly condominium project doesn't exceed 40 %. Hence, the land on that the condominium sits is in hand by the condominium corporation whose members are the individual unit homeowners (or shareholders). And this brings us to next purpose.
2. what's the Extent of possession in a condominium Project?
Since householders possess solely the precise dwelling (or dwellings) they purchased in an exceedingly condominium project, they are doing not hold the title for the land wherever the building stands, neither do they hold exclusive possession to the condominium'scommon areas. Instead, individual unit homeowners are shareholders of the condominium corporation.
One unit is equal to one share (that is proportionate to the scale and value of your unit) within the corporation, that is then adequate to a proportionate vote. Say you get one unit into a 100-unit condominium project and every one units are of equal size and worth, there are 99 alternative shareholders into the condominium corporation all of whom a lot of or less have constant stake and ballot power as you are doing.
3. Do Shareholders have to Decide in Unison?
Like a traditional, profit-oriented corporation, there are bound problems among a condominium which will solely be determined through votes by the shareholders. These problems could embrace the mundane, like having the pool retiled or the common areas repainted, to the (literally) groundbreaking, like if and once the building has got to be destroyed. that once more brings us to final crucial question.
4. what's the lifetime of a condominium Building?
Although the law doesn't expressly say that a condominium has a lifetime of solely 50 years, it positively implies thus. consider Section 8c:
That project has been in existence in excess of 50 years; that it is obsolete and uneconomical, and that condominium owners holding in aggregate more than 50 percent interest in the common areas are opposed to repair or restoration or remodeling or modernizing of the project. "
And if the time comes, shareholders to the condominium corporation will vote to own the building demolished, and that they have 2 choices. Either they sell the land, build some money from the saved scrap from the demolished building, deduct the price of demolition, and divide the issue among the owners; or strike a deal with the first developer or another developer to create a replacement condominium on their land.
5. thus Do all these Mean that you just Shouldn't obtain a Condominium?
Absolutely not. once a person buys a property, he additionally considers the life-style he leads and the problems the purchase solves. possession in the case of a condominium could also be limited compared to a landed property, but it undoubtedly makes up for in terms of convenience, like being near places of work and business areas, an in-city modus vivendi, and therefore the convenience of not having to try to to long commutes a day. As a shareholder, you (and your heirs) additionally get to profit from the sale of the land ought to the condominium corporation decides to try to to so.

Mosaic at Greenbelt Unfurnished 1-Bedroom Condo for Sale in Makati

Mosaic at Greenbelt condominium for sale at Trasierra St, Cor Aguirre St, Legazpi Village, Makati the condo unit is an unfurnished 1-bedroom unit and it has a total living area of 60 sq.meters


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Biltmore Fully Furnished 1-Bedroom Condo for Rent in Makati

Biltmore condo for rent in Legaspi Village, Makati City a fully furnished 1-bedroom unit with 1-parking slot with a total living area of 81.5 sq.meters

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SEIBU TOWER Unit E 2nd Floor.,
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